Saturday, September 18, 2010

A reaalllyyyyy quick update.

hey hi hello.

yes it is near. two weeks more. yeah, terrified. anyway, bytheway, busttheway, I'll be having my test in Miri. relish to hang out with ze biatches. i'm having my first holy communion next week so yeah. it'll be fun, i guess? and moreeeeee pressure for moiiii. fartards.

till then,

good luck candidates.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

You are not so bitchy.

My trial turned out to be a total BOOOO.
2 A's, a B, 3C's and a D sounds cool. I really need to study a lot for PMR in like 34 days including the HO-HO-HOLYDAYS we're gonna have. Anyway, we had a picture day today. I swear, I loooookkkeeeddd horific(!)

I should stop blogging right now. BLABLABLA. I know its a short post. But whatever. It's maybe my last post before the fucked up PMRRRRR.