Monday, December 3, 2012

Love defeats All

SPM is finally over and I am finally no longer a high school student and I'm kinda glad its over.

This post is for that special someone.

You, yeah you. Please be nice and take extra good care of my heart. Its fragile and it needs to be handle with tender and care. I knew, and you knew that we like each other but I am still uncertain of it. I need you to show me something. I'm ready for anything, as long as we're together.

I've fallen for you for too long, and I want you to be mine. To tell you the truth, I was completely fallen head over heels for you. I'll always sit by the class window just to take a glimpse of yours and whenever I does, I'll keep on smiling the whole day through. Whenever I went outside of my class, my eyes bewildered to look for your appereance. I guess this is what they called as LOVE DRUNK, I'm completely in love with you.

There was the part where both of us fought. The 3 month silent treatment was killing me. I didnt knew how it went wrong, but I always wished I could turn back time and take back whatever I had said that hurt you.

But now, everything is back to normal again, and I want to stay this way forever, with you and only you.