Sunday, February 20, 2011

Maybe God has a plan for me.

Heyyo :) So anyways my school days seems shitty. I cant lie. People hate-S me. I know my blog seems shady nowadays. And it looks ugly, but I cant do anything seems I am preeeettttyyyyy busy and I dont have anytime texting my BFF's :( Miss you guys muchies. Not to mention my Facebook is so outdated. And who is that guy upstairs? Well he is my cousin and God, I miss him. School is different without him. I'm so freaking weird day by day but I cant stop it. My hormones are killing me and taking me higher everytime. So, basically I am MESSED UP. Where's my bitches when I need them? Obviously I cant text them every freaking moment and that makes me frustrated. I miss them seriously a lot! And I am so exhausted, thats why I skipped school today. I need a break from all the tensions been going on in the class. Plus, I have a Public Speaking competition this Saturday and I havent done my Add Math and Moral. I"m fucked.

Showing off my Blackberry and I need Facebook to socialize.

If Beyonce want to be a boy, then I"ll be a pretty HE-SHE :)

Peace out, B

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hey, I'm crazy!

#nowplaying Born This Way by Lady Gaga.
Sorry for the oh so short post. I'm kinda busy nowadays and cant online often. Anyhoos, after 3 days standing under the oh so hot sun and the oh so cold rain, I'm oficially sunburn-ed. The Sports day was fun, and I think I helped a hundread of people who were hurting themself by running like there"s no tomorrow. I did good deed, I think?

Oh, the teachers love me, since I'm adoreabale but I hate my Moral teacher since he was a little bit bitchy to me, but hey I'm almost sixteen and it taste so sweet so far. There"s lots of interesting stuff going on in my life but my grammar nowadays seemed pretty bitchy.

Till then,
BryanMars :)