Saturday, July 13, 2013

We all know how to laugh
We know how to cry
We know how to be held tight
We know how to love back
And we all know heartbreak.

But world keeps moving
And we keep moving with it.

And everything we experience
Makes us realise
How beautiful life
Really is.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

So this is it?

It has been almost a month I've been in Kuching and there were a lot of things happened to me and I dont know how to handle everything well. I'm trying to keep calm all the time but sometime, I argue and rebels with myself. University life is an upgrade in life where everything seems different. Things that we used to know is suddenly different in another perspective which is kinda bad because we do not know anything at all. I must admit that I miss my home. I miss my family, and I miss free foods. The cafe food are just too expensive and not really delicious. I'd rather eat fired egg with rice. :x

Dewan Kuliah.

Lakeside Cafe.

Desa Ilmu with The Summer in the right!

So for the Pre-University students, we live in the East Campus which is seriously way to different than the West Campus. West Campus got everything! From bowling alley, golf course and even 7-Eleven. And us on the other hand have only one option of cafe that serves the same kind of food everyday. But no worries, Desa Ilmu is not that far as well as The Summer Mall! Summer Mall claimed to have the biggest food court in Sarawak. As for my Saturday opening day trip to The Summer, I must say that only 20% of the stores are open. Yet, I am excited to see them fully occupied. So, as for food lover like moi, you can always head for DI (as we called it) for more variety of foods! p.s: Do try Nasi Ayam Mak Entek!

The girls dorm. Kolej Seroja Blok B.

My daily view, which is awesome! I got to see the clouds and skies!

Kolej Seroja is the only kolej for pre-university students. Its dorm style. Girls have 2 blocks and 4 wings with 4 roommates in each room. But from what I heard, none of the girls have more than 2 people in each room. Just like the boys as well. The room is quite small but it is enough. I think? My room is a trainwreck since I used most of the space. Yes, Im fat, so? Does that even bothers you?

So, being in a new place, you've gotta have friends. You cant live without one and I met a lot of long lost friends and even new ones! Looking forward for more memories to keep and cherish. So here are a few pictures to feast your eyes. And make my post looks longer :3

Angeline and El!



Them gurlies!

The lovely Emma and Isthera (Rara)

 Samantha, and we both didnt noticed that we were photobombed!

Farah and Ferlicia.

Rach Ivyyyyyyyy! Lol, I miss this little bij :')

The Tiger 12 group :'D

Oh yeah, I have this sakai-ness towards brenoverlays effect and 

Till next time people!
Bryan Marshall.