Thursday, June 21, 2012

And this will be a pictureless post.

hello again.

and today is 21st of june.i'm not looking foward for tomorrow, i still wanna be sixteen :( age dilemma. anyways, i am still in kuala lumpur. staying at this huge apartment at Darby Park, as my foursquare show it. and everything is so far so good. i just want to shop a lot. perhaps sogo and petaling street would treat me nice tomorrow.

gosh, thats it? i dont have any idea what am i supposed to type about. hehe, sorry vitches!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tell me what to do.

Hello dear blogger! Its been a long long long long time since my last post. I am sorry for the circumstances, I've been really busy! Btws, its June already. And I am goin to turn 17 soon, this coming Friday for sure. Hmmm, I'm getting older. Shizz, I need botox. LOL, as if! I've gotten myself a tab, an improvement? And I am really loving it.

So, my Semester 1 was good indeed. I improved and that is a good sign right? Well, it is for me.

Anyways, I am on Instagram nowadays and please, please follow me!

Much loves,