Friday, November 12, 2010

Come and let your colour bursts.


Yours truly,

Why so serious?

Here's the thing, you saw me but then you didn't greet me, so I'll do the same thing to you, the silent treatment. It does sounds bizzaric and I couldn't imagine myself screaming hello in your face. I would be recognized as the new Gabul then if I do so. *Gabul is a man at Tatau with his microphone in his right hand walking around the town with no shirts, and a matching 100 million before century hair-do.* Enough with Gabul, yes, I'm a doubled face kinda jerk that would smile from ear to ear and said hi to you in school, but this is the real world laaaa. I know what's underneath that flawless white skin of yours. Self-centered, plastic and most of all, using everybody around like a robot. But all of this is about to change, meet the new Gossip Girl, scratch that, Gossip Sissy Pant in town. I'll bring the drama like you never does or even thought. I'm pissed off and I'm back, my dear mthrfckrs.


Yours truly,

p.s; Someway or somehow, I miss my touchscreen phone. I'mbored with qwerty keypad already.

Where's my dislike button?

#nowplaying Fireflies by Owl City.

When I know someone who hate/dislike me, I would not greet them or even talk to them. You maybe my classmate and sitting beside me in the class, but if my instinct tells me that you hate me, just get the fact that I knew you aint like me. I'm not forcing people to love me or whatever. I just want them to accept me for who I am.

For those who said hi to me at the Prawn Fest, I'm so sorry for not entertaining you guys. It's not my intention to be bitchy. Maybe you need a self check first.

Yours truly,

p.s; the blog had its makeover done!

Had you found another Earth?

Where had they gone?
The trees, the air, the water and the soil?
Thay had been murdered by human.
Human that are greedy.
Greedy for money and throne that'll not last long.

Look now,
what you've done for your future generation.
They are living in a hot world, gasping for air, lack of clean water and no more spaces to grow their food.

It is all because of you,
human that doesn't appreciated what had been given to you.
Blinded by money.
Rich may be your middle name but there's nothing you can do to save this world you had killed.

No one can save it.
Mother Earth is getting weaker, tick by tick.

What can we do?
What should we do?
What must we do?

Nothing, nothing, nothing. Just wait and see the destruction of Earth.

How true are you?

#nowplaying Guardian Angel by Cinta Laura.

This is just another phase of life, where we've gotten more mature and older for sure. I think I've done a complete makeover to my posts, everything is seems to be an advice, an advice on how to survive pre-teen years. And I've found one thing that is much more important, originality. Keeping yourself true.

Every pre-teen on my Facebook friend list are just so fake and kept on bragging what happened in their tinny tiny life. No one really cared what you did. What matters most is how you keep your friend and enemy closer.

I remembered my pre-teen years, which is all about tyPiNg liK3 thIs and most of all, I'm just too bias on what's hot, and in the trend and forget completly what matters, my best friend ♥

Yours truly,

p.s; I'm badly in need of a blog makeover!

No, I am not dead, yet.

This is where I go, when I go:
It's a room with no windows and no doors, and walls that are thin enough for me to see and hear everything but too thick to break through.
I'm there, but I'm not there.
I am pounding to be let out, but nobody can hear me.
This is where I go, when I go:
To a country where everyone's face looks different from mine, and the language is the act of not speaking, and noise is everywhere in air we breathe. I am doing what Romans do in Rome: I am trying to communicate, but no one has bothered to tell me that these people cannot hear.
This is where I go, when I go:
Somewhere completely, unutterably orange.
This is where I go, when I go:
To the place where body become piano, full of black keys only - the shares and the flats, when everyone knows that to play a song other people want to hear, you need some white keys.
This is why I come back:
To find those white keys.

Jacob, House Rules.

I am breaking up into thousands little pieces.

#nowplaying Pelan-Pelan Saja by Kotak.

It's getting near, and I am getting nervous. I did my very best during the PMR Examination. If it didn't turn up well, I might torn my result into pieces and then jump off from the nearest clifft. I've put on high expectation on this one. I've done it once and what would make me not succeed again? Time pass so fast, one of the 7 sign by Nostradamus, a sign where world began to experience the end of the world, Dooms day. I've put all my effort and sacrifice my time and energy to study. I didn't finish up my form 2 but still, I did well in class. All I can do now is wait, pray and see what coming up next for me. I need a little miracle, help me God.

Yours truly,

Nobody's perfect, I am nobody.

#nowplaying Beautiful Liar by Beyonce ft Shakira.

What would you do if you woke up in the morning to find yourself out in someone's elses shoes? To be frankly, my shoes. Would you survived my daily stash? Most of all, can you be better me? Before you answer this question, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself whether you are the 'ohsobloodyperfect' kind of person. I'd love to make my post simple but meaningful at the same time. Before you judge anyone, use your brains before your mouth. Our mouth can say thousands of word but it is our brain that need to process what can comes out from our mouth to prevent any emotional disturbance or whatever you want to call it. So think, before you talk.

Yours truly,

Karma's a bitch.

#nowplaying Karma by Cokelat.

Do you believe in karma? I do, it may sounded superstitious but still it makes sense. What goes around, comes around and what goes up will eventually comes down. It is a 'feng shui' as the Chinese people called it. Balance in nature. What if all of us are predators and none of us are the victim? Everything is fucked up, huge mess. Do good deed and you will live in peace and harmony. I've experienced my own karma, and let me tell you, it ain't taste great. Mark my words, what you give is what you get.

Pesta Udang or Prawn Festival is coming up on this Saturday! Excited, not for the prawns, I've been avoiding munching prawn since it smells fishy? Yeah anyway, November is coming to an end. December highlight, PMR Result day and back to school, prefect's meeting.

Yours truly,

And they live happily never after.

#nowplaying 3 Words by Cheryl Cole feat Will.I.Am.

'what do you want to work as?'
'Ummmm, a princess maybe?'
'ah, that's nice. princess live happily ever after, i'll pray that you will too. :)'
'Yes, my prince charming sayys hi. * im laughing my ass off here.'
'huh? who's your prince charmingg? hahaha'
'I dont have any clue yet. But we had the greatest one night stand tho.'
'Dude....what the fuck are you on, now? '
'Alcohol. Lots of them'
' your prince charming is alcohol? '
'It was awesome'
'i bet it was :) ''i want to be single and not desperate'' remember that? ;) '
'You know me better than I do'

What life offers you.

Time flew fast.
Waits for no one.

A minute ago, you were sitting beside your best friend in the back of the class, joking around. Now, here you are. Pretending that your nose isn't perfect but the truth was you knew it was fine. Your makeup blotched up your perfect innocence.

It was all about having fun and doing fun stuff and now it is about your eyeliner and cigarattes.

You once slept with your teddies and nibbling your chocolate bar that you hide under your bed from your mother, but now you sleep with your one eye open, afraid to let anyone turn their back on you.

Look around now, you are sitting in the corner of your room, with your mascara scribbling your rosy pink cheek and tissue box on your left hand, wondering how fast time goes. How fast you grew. How fast changes takes place. How much you misses everything.

There's no use doubting now, big girl. Pick up your strapped zipper heels and your leather jacket and run, run away from the reality.


I think my cellulite are hot.

I am terrified of life,
I am terrified of love,
I am terrified of connection,
I am terrified of exposure.

I am weak.
Weak in handling life, love, connection and exposure.

Every now and then,
I tried,
I tried harder,
I tried even harder to show my existence.
Existence that would seems to fade away.
Like a dust, being blown away.
Fly now,
fly away,
my little fame.

Superman will eventually runs out of energy.

Desperate to keep connected.

I regret whatever left behind. I was a cold, plastic person. Truthfully, I had never like myself. I always have been disgusted with who I am and who I had become. At one point, I just thought, maybe I'm better off dead. I always think of many ways how to commit suicide without people having to know. It is utterly impossible. I hold my breathe under water. Hoping all my pain would ease away. If only life was this easy, I'd love to kiss my troubles away.

I'd imagined myself. Happy, cheerful, friendly and the one that people look up to. I would be talking, socializing 24/7. I admired those people with lots of people walltowall them on Facebook. To set things clear, I envy them. I want to be just like them, having friends who would support my back no matter what shit coming through.

I've ditched the old me. Started a whole new chapter in my life. I tried avoiding vulgarities word. Help me. I need guidance to survive this world.

Not happy within,

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I got my money in my pocket,

2010 has almost come to an end. a never be forgotten ride for me, as it teaches me on friendship and family. not forgetting love(S). not that kind of love love but the love for myself. i am finally happy for who i am and still wondering how the heck am i gonna do with my life. beat it, i am gonna survive.

anyway, bytheway, busttheway, i have my amigos with me to deal with the awful ride of the future. they gave me what i needed, which is motivation.

thank you for the joyous ride of 2010. let us kiss the 10 away and say hello to number 11. cant wait to see whats in store for me. sweet sixteen, i am so excited :) no super. we gonna do it the old fashioned way.

no regrets done. but i still have a little of them back then makes me wanna say QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM&!/;:;#*+')w"¥

Till then,
Bryan Marshall.

p.s; pardon my french.