Saturday, September 29, 2012

The day when its over.

So basically, I broke my promised of not blogging till SPM is over. Well, its not woth the wait. There are thousands of things had been going on and it seems so unworth it if I didnt express it here, on my blog.

Here it goes,

I dont know how or when or why, but things are out of my hand. Everything just simply gone wrong. Its just a huge mess and I dont have the right gun to shoot the right problem, if you get what I mean. And everything is clouding my mind at once. I just couldnt think rationally for a moment and did the worst decision of all, start smoking. That was good, for a moment. It helps to get my mind off on some things. At least my head wont ache for a long time thinking about stuff I shouldnt think about and let it flow by it owns. Apparently, it wasnt the way I wanted it to be. It's seems out of rail. Another trainwreck, I assumed. No worries, I stopped.

I dont believe in love, I always do and I still does. Love is a temporary happiness that comes with side-effects, PAIN, DEPRESSED, HEART-BROKEN, WORTHLESS and just simply, UNHAPPY. Seriously, I'll be happy to be left out of this LOVEGAME. It's not worth it.

SPM is in a month. I have no preparations and I expect myself to have good results but ironically, SUCCESS WITHOUT EFFORTS? DREAM ON! So, I had studied a little, and I'll keep on improving? Shit, my second trial is next week :( A BIG BIG BIGGGG BOOOOOOO! 

So, the main conclusion is,

Saturday, September 8, 2012

2 Months more.

Okay, I'll be on a hiatus mode for a really long time. SPM is getting near and I am scared to shit. Like seriously. I might die soon enough. All this stress had been getting on my nerves and I havent studied a thing. That is so not cool -.-