Monday, July 26, 2010

Good Lord have mercy on fat people.


Corny corn, I had a hypertension and now I'm gonna be fucked up due to lots of studying which I'm gonna start by tonight. Headaches. Anws, I had an appointment with ze doctors on 9th August. Doctors sure do loves me :) HA. Love me ass laa.

Iona would be really glad to hear this, I am a pescatarian. Yes, I dont eat meat, but I eat fish. I need to jog man. 107 kilos, Atleast get rid of 8 kilos so I could be 99 kilos again. Please? Anyway,By the way, BUST THE WAY, I love school and does that sounds weird? Ahh, tonight, my Waka Waka dance practice starts. Gonna perform on Sunday. Wish me luck.

Bryan = Shakira? So not worth to see it. Dont let me fall on my knees.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pretty people needs to be killed.

I really need to relax. My headaches is killing me. My blood pressure is such a bitch. PMR is in like 3 months and the trial will be in 25th of August. God, life's a bitch. I bet Arin would laugh her ass off reading this. Yadayadayada. I got my two days rest and I'm feeling homesick. Ngehehehe.

Should have make it three days -.-'

Have you ever felt like something is holding your back? Well, I've got rid of that thing a long time ago. I was a shy person and that was holding me back. Back from everything, reality.

Have you ever forgotten how to breathe? Well I did, and it was so sudden. I guess it was karma. What goes around comes around. Yeah its true.

I've start to write on a little black book. A black book that I kept all my data in. A journal. A journey.That begins with a little footsteps.

Anws, I'm gonna have to do something about my school. English must be use in daily conversation. So get ready biatchessssss. Something needs to be done for good.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hello dusty blog.


Yeah, I am officially fifteen now. And it feels normal. Thank you for the bitchday wishes. And thanks a lot my lovelies, Arin, Iona and Shermay or better known as Amay. I think that Indonesian bitch wishes me a lot. Thru text, blogspot and even twitter. As for those other people that wishes me at facebook, thanks a lot.

Ahhh, school is a pretty hell. AHHHHH, dorm, is a doom. I mean like DOOOOOOOMMMMM DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM. And my teachers? I think her English is weird. Ha. And I've been asked to make my on essay while the others discussing it. -.-

Ahhhhhh, I've got tons of work(S) to do. Kerja Kursus. Gonna sent geo next week and sejarah on the other week. H-E-L-L.

I am so gonna die, SOOON.

xxxxxxxx, B.
Feels like deleting this ugly blog.