Thursday, October 21, 2010


hello once more bloggers.

been very busy with pasca. plus, i am the leader for the form 3. pfffttt. i'm so wrecked off.
anyhoos. i'm super excited for the school trip tomorrow. eventho my enemy is there too.

i've been writing lots of poem lately. hold on, i wont published it yet.
joined the cyberkids. cant wait till i get my id(!) superexcited.
god, i bet it'll be a hectic week for the rest of the week. so TTYL :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mission impossible.

Pasca PMR is here. This is what I've been waiting for. So, we didnt do much today. Sending the text books and been organised in a few group. I'm in group 1 and I took part in almost all of the activity. I seriously cant wait to play some Monopoly. It's gonna be fun baby :) Relish tomorrow. It's gonna be fun. BTW, I'm trying to make one of those short stories, kinda like a cerpen. Will share it if its done.

Anyhoos, is it true if you losty your i/c for the first time you have to pay for 110 ringgit? Sigh, me so broke. Before me leave, here's the picture of the day!

Pretty much showed my current mood. PARTEYHHHHHHH(!)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Choke down the frustration.


PMR is so over. I am enjoying my freedom and oh it taste so good. This is what I've been waiting for. Hold on. What I need is my amigos and lots of cash and I will be just fine. I scored 32 out of 40 for my maths. It was a careless mistake. I didnt have much time to recheck everything. And my Living Skills was at it worst state. I really detest it.

Yeah, PMR is over but I'm staying over. I have Pasca PMR and CCS Camp coming soon. I keep myself busy for awhile. AHHH, I still havent made my mind yet choosing which classes to choose. Science? or the oh amazing English Literature. I could not handle lots of fact. Maybe I'm gonna take the calculus classes instead? We'll see.

It has been a while since I'm stuck here at Tatau. Not knowing a single thing. My updates on entertainment seems to kill me. I didnt even knew that Lee Dewyze(?) is the winner of American Idol 2010. And my tracklist is unupdated since July?

#nowplaying Mama do - Pixie Lott

till then,