Saturday, August 14, 2010


Yes, inspirations.

Have you ever wonder why you like something so much and you couldnt describe why you liked it? Maybe, just maybe it is your inspiration. I asked a stranger in Omegle and I would LOAVEE to share it with you.

You: whats your inspiration?
Stranger: hey
You: hey back
Stranger: pokemon and giraffes
You: do you love it?
Stranger: no I only love you
You: thank you?
Stranger: will you marry me?
You: i think so?
Stranger: YAYYY!
Stranger: we're gonna have babies, cuz we're married
You: sex all day?
Stranger: and they will be pokemon babies, that look like giraffes
You: wow.
You: stunning
Stranger: I will love you forever i promise <3
You: okay?

Sicko much?
This is what wiki said; Inspiration refers to an unconscious burst of creativity
in a literary, musical, or other artistic endeavour

Well, my inspiration is a burst of literary and photography. Its my passion. Passion for pretty pictures and inspiring words of wisdom. Some people would notice it, but others would simply classify me under the term; GAY. I had a fight on Friday. I accidently burst out the word fuck. Infront of my Math teacher. I regret saying that but well, I think the bitch in my class deserved it. Thumbs up, B. You just won a bitchy award for the day. I really stop being a jerk/he-bitch. It is so not healthy.
I really miss my bestEFF. I really wanna go back to RIAMMMMMMM <3

atsarina: hey i just talked with mummy abt my school plan after form 5
bryanheartbritney: anddddddddd?
atsarina: I'm going back
bryanheartbritney: indonesia?
atsarina: yep
bryanheartbritney: make sure you visit us hereeeee.
bryanheartbritney: and i'll visist you tooooooooooooooooooo
atsarina: I'll be 17 then, not too late to get myself screwed the-indonesian-way hahaha
bryanheartbritney: hahahaaaa.
atsarina: aaah now this is kinda makes me a little teared up
bryanheartbritney: why?
atsarina: i feel kinda bad for iona
bryanheartbritney: me three
atsarina: you won't be here, i won't be here, maria won't be here...
bryanheartbritney: i'll miss you guys lottttsssssss
atsarina: mhhh
bryanheartbritney: you'll be in college sooonnn
atsarina: ughatsarina: I wish you'll transfer back to riam for form 4
bryanheartbritney: *cross finger
atsarina: My lasst year in highschool with you
atsarina: why did you move out, anyway?
bryanheartbritney: i wanna go back to riammmmmm(!)

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