Saturday, August 28, 2010


I'm looking foward for National day on 31st August. It'll be bombastic.

Enjoy your Eid day trip @imtyatsrn. Enjoy your Kuching ho-ho-holydays @grannyjutes and may, enjoy Limbang like you never did before. This will be my most boring ever holydays, in my fucked up life. I wish I'm in Miri, and having fun with them, right now.

Anyway, I think my blogspot is getting boringggggggggg(s) So much of a blogger I think? I've lost all of my ideas somewhere in uncivilization. I'm done with my first trial. Not looking foward to see the red marks. Finger crossed. I would faint if I saw a C. Srsly. I need to have atleast A's and B's. A C is not acceptable.

My holydays start is a week. Not looking foward to it. Need to study, study and study. PMR is a month a way. Not gonna cry my ass off just to find out that I failed. Its such a disgrace. HA. Gonna hit the clinic tonight.

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