Sunday, February 20, 2011

Maybe God has a plan for me.

Heyyo :) So anyways my school days seems shitty. I cant lie. People hate-S me. I know my blog seems shady nowadays. And it looks ugly, but I cant do anything seems I am preeeettttyyyyy busy and I dont have anytime texting my BFF's :( Miss you guys muchies. Not to mention my Facebook is so outdated. And who is that guy upstairs? Well he is my cousin and God, I miss him. School is different without him. I'm so freaking weird day by day but I cant stop it. My hormones are killing me and taking me higher everytime. So, basically I am MESSED UP. Where's my bitches when I need them? Obviously I cant text them every freaking moment and that makes me frustrated. I miss them seriously a lot! And I am so exhausted, thats why I skipped school today. I need a break from all the tensions been going on in the class. Plus, I have a Public Speaking competition this Saturday and I havent done my Add Math and Moral. I"m fucked.

Showing off my Blackberry and I need Facebook to socialize.

If Beyonce want to be a boy, then I"ll be a pretty HE-SHE :)

Peace out, B

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