Sunday, June 5, 2011

Make me feel like I'm worth it.

Thousands of years ago

its been a while since i last updated. and i sure does miss to type the keypad and rant about every single thing had happened.

lets start off with last month, which is may .
highlight: solar car race competition.
it was super fun at the science and technology carnival. as the representative from bintulu for the solar car race, we had to give all that e have and it was worth it. we came out top i the solar car race and gets an interview on borneo post front page spread. it was tough, i wont lie. especially the competition from asajaya and sacred heart, they were pretty good. the prize giving ceremony was a super tummy twister. i was so nervous that i could puke that time.
and june,

well, this is the beginning of june and i"m looking foward for my sweet sixteen but till then, i am still fifteen.


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