Friday, July 22, 2011

Kill me while I'm sleeping with my eye open

Watch out, the devil had made a move.

I’m back and I’m not regretting it. This may not be my day but in the end, the silent strike will knock you down. Down like you had never felt before. May the best bitch win. Oh yes, I already scored like millions? FYI, you’ve been messing with the wrong babe since michael jackson had changed his name to mikael jacko. A note to you, this year everything is no longer on your way. I’m going to eat you like a predator eat his prey. Better luck next time. Oh by the way, stop bragging your life isn’t perfect. You’ve got your chance and you blew it.

For once, let you feel what it taste like to be the undertaker. I’ll sweep whatever on your way. Your opportunity and your dignity. Did I mentioned to you that this are my favorite brunch?

Keep your friend close, keep your enemy even closer.


BryanMars :)

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