Thursday, October 6, 2011


hello again,
i'm here to babble about my life once again. so everything is going just perfect and normal. homeworks, a lot ofcourse. and i am officially going to Limbang for a prefect leadership figure kinda stuff. so yes, i am one of the best from bintulu and i am again going to make bintulu proud. but still, the semester is up and i need to get a for my physic. so much for 50 ringgit bet.

i've been starting my tumblr allover. not that i had dumped it but, i've lost the password. i keep on forgetting stuff nowadays. i'm getting old. probably need some facelift.

my class had their jersey and i am going to get mine as well. and we got it online. will upload the pictures if it arrived. i'm excited waiting for mine.

till then,

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