Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pretty foxy

This feeling has taken over me. I feel strong when I'm with you but without you I feel so weak, fragile. Like a glass, I am easily broken. But beside you, the feeling of insecure just vanished away. I feel alive being in my own skin. Just being me. I dont care about anything that happened around me, as long as there's you to guide me. To love me. 

Hello lovelies,
The holydays had started and I am already getting that tensed away. Srsly, I think I'm gonna fail a lot of subjects this time around. I just dont have that optimistic spirit in me, anymore. Sigh, this is my last year and I need to give my 150% in everything. Theres no more time to play around. This is a serious shit. 

Till then vitches,
Bryan Marshall

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