Monday, April 30, 2012

Wake me up when its over.

Hello once more, and this is going to be oh well, a medium post.

As you all know it, my Black-fucking-Berry got stolen and I am so pretty fucking pissed to the fucking max. Please do ignore my French. What I am trying to say here is, my BlackBerry is my life. Shit. And now I am left with no phone so I am pretty much screwed. I need a new phone. A BlackBerry for sure.

Moving on, so my study went very well. I tried to finish my homeworks on time tho :) and I am always early to school. But hell, I got lotsa stuff to do even I had quit the Solar Car. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this big baby aint going to go for Solar Car no more. now, I have time to concentrate on my studies, my prefects (well, I am the Timbalan Ketua Pengawas :( ) and also my deary Young Catholic Students organisation in my school. I am hoping for this things went well.

So thats all? I dont know what to type in more. Errr, my blog is getting weird, dontchu think so? Yadayadayadddaaaa.

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