Saturday, July 7, 2012

And it kills me from the inside.

This feeling for you grow inside of me.
I've never felt this way before.
You gave me hope, and I was sure that it was mine.
All mine, forever and always.

Your smile was engraved perfectly in my mind.
Your voice was playing on repeat in my ears.
Your scent was filling me in out of nowhere in my nose.
You were everything to me.
I'd give the world for you.
Along with my heart and soul.

But now,
All I see in your eyes are pools of lies.
You were manipulative,
You hurt me from the inside.

You played my heart as if it was another monopoly game.
It was your round,
You had guesses and you had your chances.
But you blew it, like you always did.

I will try to forget you.
And memories of our moment together will slowly fades away from my mind.
How I wish I have an amnesia and forget whatever had happened between us.
Its going to be hard.
But I am already on my way.
And it kills me from the inside.

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