Monday, August 20, 2012

I'll end your suffering.

I dont know where it went wrong but I knew that it wasnt my mistake. It was yours. I had given you the chance to fix everything but you said you didnt know how to fix everything. You're pretty much screwed. You've played my emotion and my heart. I was the one that loves you, and always standing by your side. Too bad you didnt see any of that. You were too foolish.
I was so freaking dumb to believe in you. There is just something about you that made me pretty sure that we'll have forever. But unlike Bella and Edward, they'll have enternity to love. But ours, forever ended straight away.
I wish I could turn back time and press a pause button. I wanna freeze that moment of us together. I couldnt afford to lose it. Tell me now, tell me you love me. It isnt hard, just say it. Three words, eight letters, say it and I am yours forever.

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