Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 starts with a bang!

I know it maybe too late for this but it doesnt hurt so, A VERY HAPPY 2013 to everyone! Looks like the mayans had been trolling all of us after all! nice prank you guys!
Hello there and a very big sorry for not been filling you guys in for more than a month. I think I've lost my interest in blogging. Or maybe the fact that there's nothing much going on around here. But I've been hardcore on Twitter and Facebook though. So fuck my boring routine. I've been eating a lot, online a lot, sleeping a lot. Which everything is not entirely what I had planned and bear in my mind before. Let me tell you guys, after SPM life is LIFELESS. Maybe some of you would think that life would pretty much amazing and OH-SO-COOl after SPM life but the truth is, nothing is what as it seemed. I used to think that it'll be cool, but no, its boring! Enough with the rambling and I'm going to start what I've been up to lately.

So, I've coloured my hair a dark brown and I must say that I am in love with my hair. I cant stop looking in the mirror when I first got my haired. It was bleached dyed and it has amazing colour. Mind me for my exaggerating comment on my hair, after all, its my hair. I can say whatever I want to, no offence.

I dont really have a lot of things going on lately but I'll be attending my driving course soon, and I'm pretty much looking forward for it.

Yes, my blog is boring and so does me.  

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