Saturday, August 7, 2010

Maybe you want a piece of me.

Yes I miss tuh-rees of you. The fun we had. The joy we shared. The joke we giggled. Everything we had shared. Our outings. Our napthalene jokes. Your boy tales. Hometown stories. Yeah, EVERYTHING. Even Tini and Tina. I would be the biggest liar If I said that I dont miss you guys. I cut out our pictures and paste it on my little journal. I even paste a few in my closet. I would look at it everytime. And sometime laughed my ass off. "Is he crazy?" People might think like that but I dont care.

I love everything about you guys. Amay's straight hair, Arin's fringe and even Iona's short hair? Ha. We used to make fun of Iona's accents but deep inside I felt like killing her for having a darn good ol Scottish accents. Amay, my little childhood friend. Cant believe that we meet again after 9 years. She sure does grew pretty darn good. Arin, the tech geek. The photographer is a massive bitch. Kidding. I sure do love your innocent look.

I would type long long post about you guys but I'm out of word. You guys are ubdescribeable.

My twitter @BryanMars page is full of your endless rants. Loves it :)

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