Monday, July 26, 2010

Good Lord have mercy on fat people.


Corny corn, I had a hypertension and now I'm gonna be fucked up due to lots of studying which I'm gonna start by tonight. Headaches. Anws, I had an appointment with ze doctors on 9th August. Doctors sure do loves me :) HA. Love me ass laa.

Iona would be really glad to hear this, I am a pescatarian. Yes, I dont eat meat, but I eat fish. I need to jog man. 107 kilos, Atleast get rid of 8 kilos so I could be 99 kilos again. Please? Anyway,By the way, BUST THE WAY, I love school and does that sounds weird? Ahh, tonight, my Waka Waka dance practice starts. Gonna perform on Sunday. Wish me luck.

Bryan = Shakira? So not worth to see it. Dont let me fall on my knees.

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