Friday, November 12, 2010

Had you found another Earth?

Where had they gone?
The trees, the air, the water and the soil?
Thay had been murdered by human.
Human that are greedy.
Greedy for money and throne that'll not last long.

Look now,
what you've done for your future generation.
They are living in a hot world, gasping for air, lack of clean water and no more spaces to grow their food.

It is all because of you,
human that doesn't appreciated what had been given to you.
Blinded by money.
Rich may be your middle name but there's nothing you can do to save this world you had killed.

No one can save it.
Mother Earth is getting weaker, tick by tick.

What can we do?
What should we do?
What must we do?

Nothing, nothing, nothing. Just wait and see the destruction of Earth.

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