Friday, November 12, 2010

How true are you?

#nowplaying Guardian Angel by Cinta Laura.

This is just another phase of life, where we've gotten more mature and older for sure. I think I've done a complete makeover to my posts, everything is seems to be an advice, an advice on how to survive pre-teen years. And I've found one thing that is much more important, originality. Keeping yourself true.

Every pre-teen on my Facebook friend list are just so fake and kept on bragging what happened in their tinny tiny life. No one really cared what you did. What matters most is how you keep your friend and enemy closer.

I remembered my pre-teen years, which is all about tyPiNg liK3 thIs and most of all, I'm just too bias on what's hot, and in the trend and forget completly what matters, my best friend ♥

Yours truly,

p.s; I'm badly in need of a blog makeover!

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