Friday, November 12, 2010

I am breaking up into thousands little pieces.

#nowplaying Pelan-Pelan Saja by Kotak.

It's getting near, and I am getting nervous. I did my very best during the PMR Examination. If it didn't turn up well, I might torn my result into pieces and then jump off from the nearest clifft. I've put on high expectation on this one. I've done it once and what would make me not succeed again? Time pass so fast, one of the 7 sign by Nostradamus, a sign where world began to experience the end of the world, Dooms day. I've put all my effort and sacrifice my time and energy to study. I didn't finish up my form 2 but still, I did well in class. All I can do now is wait, pray and see what coming up next for me. I need a little miracle, help me God.

Yours truly,

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