Friday, November 12, 2010

What life offers you.

Time flew fast.
Waits for no one.

A minute ago, you were sitting beside your best friend in the back of the class, joking around. Now, here you are. Pretending that your nose isn't perfect but the truth was you knew it was fine. Your makeup blotched up your perfect innocence.

It was all about having fun and doing fun stuff and now it is about your eyeliner and cigarattes.

You once slept with your teddies and nibbling your chocolate bar that you hide under your bed from your mother, but now you sleep with your one eye open, afraid to let anyone turn their back on you.

Look around now, you are sitting in the corner of your room, with your mascara scribbling your rosy pink cheek and tissue box on your left hand, wondering how fast time goes. How fast you grew. How fast changes takes place. How much you misses everything.

There's no use doubting now, big girl. Pick up your strapped zipper heels and your leather jacket and run, run away from the reality.


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