Friday, November 12, 2010

And they live happily never after.

#nowplaying 3 Words by Cheryl Cole feat Will.I.Am.

'what do you want to work as?'
'Ummmm, a princess maybe?'
'ah, that's nice. princess live happily ever after, i'll pray that you will too. :)'
'Yes, my prince charming sayys hi. * im laughing my ass off here.'
'huh? who's your prince charmingg? hahaha'
'I dont have any clue yet. But we had the greatest one night stand tho.'
'Dude....what the fuck are you on, now? '
'Alcohol. Lots of them'
' your prince charming is alcohol? '
'It was awesome'
'i bet it was :) ''i want to be single and not desperate'' remember that? ;) '
'You know me better than I do'

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