Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm done. Goodbye 2010

So this is just something random I come up with. I just hate seeing my blog outdated. So to end this 2010, I've asked a few friends of mine what they think about me, so here it's.

a)U r an amazing person... Ur not shy of anything.. Ur realy funny, u know how to make ppl laugh all the time.. U have a realy good sense of humour... Ur friendly, n sexy...
b)You're a good brother which always help me out and caring so much, makes me feel so needed. A boy that often took with the muncung and bleks pictures. A boy that keep i know you want me like pitbull. It's just so hard to describe how gorgeous you were. Ilybitch.
c)uncommon, that's what I think.

Thanks everyone and each of you for giving me an unforgettable year. You guys brighten up my shady days and without you guys, I'll be a lost little lamb.

Yours truly,

p.s; won't update my blog for a not so long time.

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