Monday, December 27, 2010

True Confession, Part 3.

What kept me as the Queen B, was the fact that I did some trend set. And my choice of trend setting is changing phone every couple of month. Trust me, it work but it doesn't worth it. You'll splurge for new phone models and found out that it's a total bummer. And here's how thing goes wrong, my 'friend' knew something beneath my plastic skin and they use it to against me. I did mistake and they made a big blockbuster out of it. I've decided, that there was nothing called friend. They only used you. People accused me for something I hadn't done and I make them pay for it. They've told teachers about how cold I was and my Living Skills teacher confronted me. She told me that they were whining about how I treated them, coldly. She told me that friends are something hard to find and look out for. And thank you for telling me that. I've cried for the first time. I realized that true friends are hard to find.

Yours truly,

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