Saturday, June 25, 2011

hello whoopies.

so, sixteen have been treating me so far so good. but the bad news was, i am sick. so much for being sixteen i guess? so, in conjunction of my sweet sixteen, sounds formal ehh? i would like to summarise it all up from when i am 15 to 16.

it's gonna be a boring post already :)


nothing much to say tho, since i was studying my ass of since pmrawrrr was freaking near and i didn't celebrate it, same as this year. i got my fucked up result and it does upset me, a lot.

this year start off with a big bang bang BOOOOMMM,

everything was perfect i guess? i get everything i want, altho i didn't get the dslr, i am grateful for what i had. be thankful for what you have, alright? anyways, i had my 5 time spread on the newspaper and i am happy with lots of WOHOOOOOOOO. beat that Britney Spears.

semester 2 of school had started and that mean, summer is up everyone :) which equal to studying my ass of for the finals, not to mentioned, my semester 1 was pretty *blergghhhhhhhh.

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