Saturday, July 9, 2011

Send me to the place where peace reunite.

Awesome huh?
Anyways, that was the final for semester 1 and now i've gotta study hard for semester 2 which will start on august. i'm so dead if i still got that red pens on my report card. i am practically a loser right now. time to dust away those dust on my blog.

yesterday, i went to this english proficiency contest organized by the rotary club and ohh, it was a boring one. i wonder why hey only gave us currypuff, tarts and what-that-thing-again for brunch. i was hungry and the smk bintulu canteen was close ;( cant buy those delicious teh c peng. kempunan i. hahaha.

this weekend was home leave and i spent every minutes of them watching gossip girl season 4 dvd which i bought last week during my sneakout to bintulu and yes it was worth it. <3 little j and queen b! gorgeous.

my blog need some update (!)

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