Monday, August 1, 2011

Evil enough.

hello once more.

here i am again, being pathetic as ever to babble what happened during my red crescent camp.
it was okay, i guess? super fun, sort of? well, i do love the fact that i had to sleep in a tent and cooking my own food, which barely taste like food and more to like puke. blerghhhh. anyhoos, what matters most that i've made few friends. guess so? hahaha. blablablabla. got nothing to tell, it was boring (!)

i'm so gonna miss my mummy, miss zurina since she's going to move to asajaya very soon :( all the very best for her.

semester 2 exam is here and so does my brain. need to study hard to improve my red ink filled report card.


ignore the ohsoshort update.

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