Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Super Exhausted.

hello my pathetic blog.
i'm so tired, i swear i could die and gone to heaven. only god knows how much energy left in me. seriously, i am totally worn out. i can't handle no more stress and tension that had been going on. i am so weary, weary o. the principal himself, notice that i look completely exhausted and so was the other teacher. yes, i know the principal and the principal knows me. it is what you get when you are the hope of the school and the apple of your teacher's eye and most of all you'll be every eye's attention if you are one of the grandchildren of the minister. i can't blame my family for being the talk of the town. in a small town, people will know you and god, they know me since my grandparents are the utmost popular people. my grandpa sibling is a minister himself and my grandpa was a preacher. so i am stuck here with none of my friends and pretending that i am a good kid that people wished me to be, but hell, i am not the boynextdoor kind of thing. i am bad, i am evil.


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