Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pretty people needs to be killed.

I really need to relax. My headaches is killing me. My blood pressure is such a bitch. PMR is in like 3 months and the trial will be in 25th of August. God, life's a bitch. I bet Arin would laugh her ass off reading this. Yadayadayada. I got my two days rest and I'm feeling homesick. Ngehehehe.

Should have make it three days -.-'

Have you ever felt like something is holding your back? Well, I've got rid of that thing a long time ago. I was a shy person and that was holding me back. Back from everything, reality.

Have you ever forgotten how to breathe? Well I did, and it was so sudden. I guess it was karma. What goes around comes around. Yeah its true.

I've start to write on a little black book. A black book that I kept all my data in. A journal. A journey.That begins with a little footsteps.

Anws, I'm gonna have to do something about my school. English must be use in daily conversation. So get ready biatchessssss. Something needs to be done for good.

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