Tuesday, December 21, 2010

True Confession, Part 2.

I was known as the one that keep on saying 'Bitch', my favourite swear word. I cursed a lot when I was 13, I thought that can make me look cool. But the truth was, I felt insecured. I felt like I was being left behind and I've learned something to make me 'hot', gossiping. I knew the consequences of gossiping but I said to myself, 'Fuck that, you'll be in the it group.' And I did. Then I learnt about those little backstabber. Hah, I'm actually laughing when thinking about backstabber. I had a friend of mine and we'd always backstab each other. But we still remained friend. God, that was hilarious. I think? I used to be the middle person, the one that tell and dig everything out a person and tell the other and vice versa. I was a professional in it. The two of them fought for a long long time but now, they are super closed to each other without me. See, I was evil.

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